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Professional Window & Door Installations and Repairs in Toronto

At A & J Windows & Doors, we don’t like to brag about ourselves, so we let our customers do it for us! Below you can see some comments sent to us by some of our many satisfied customers. Give us a call to put our team to work for you!


“Honesty and attention to detail”

As a contractor, whether it’s a small renovation, addition or custom-built home, A & J Windows & Doors consistently delivers a quality product. John’s professionalism, integrity, honesty and attention to detail are a rare combination in this industry. Not only is it a pleasure to work with him, but more importantly, my customers are always 100% satisfied! A & J Windows & Doors is an integral part of my success today and I am always looking forward to working with them in the future.

Pat Tucciarone

Park Valley Construction

“Our guests always compliment us”

It has been a couple of months since you installed our new windows and I want to tell you what a difference they have made. The humidity level in our basement has improved so much that the laminate flooring is no longer buckling. The new window in our daughter’s room is so efficient, we have seen a big improvement in her allergies and we absolutely love our new sliding doors with the blinds inside. Our guests always compliment us. Now that we have seen the benefits of having efficient windows, we are planning on replacing other windows soon.

We want to thank you and your crew for doing such a great job.

Cindy Wolf

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“I have full confidence in John and his crew”

I am a mature, widowed woman living in a ninety year-old home, and for years I have been intimidated by my windows, some of which were original to the house. I was afraid of the cost to replace them, the time involved in having them all changed, and the mess and possible disfiguration to the mouldings, which are in character with the house. For twenty years I lived with my rattling, peeling, inefficient windows, always telling myself, I really should do SOMETHING about my windows!

John came to assess my windows on the same day I left a message for him saying that I was interested in getting new storm windows, as I thought that was all I could afford. I was thrilled to find out I could completely replace seventeen of my windows for far less than I was worried I might have to pay for all new windows.

I went down to the showroom, was impressed by the quality of what I saw, and booked the new windows for installation a month later. Although I was leery of the actual installation, all my worries were for nothing. The first day all the windows were installed from the inside of the house. The second day, all the work was done from the exterior of the house. It was all finished in two days!

I am so happy and feel this is the absolutely best investment I have made in my house. John and his employees were very professional and yet very kind and extremely helpful. They treated me as a human being and never did I feel any pressure to commit to something I didn’t want. They care about their customer service, the quality and reliability of the service they provide. I cannot say enough good things about this experience and wish all my other home improvements were half as successful.

I have full confidence in dealing with John and his crew and would highly recommend them to anyone who is even remotely considering new windows. I am so glad I did and from this perspective, wonder why it took me so long. I absolutely love my new windows!


“Totally professional”

This is a thank you for the excellent product and service provided by you. Your staff was totally professional and went above and beyond their duties, working in very inclement weather. When this job was completed, the entire work area was spotless and all the debris was removed. Our new windows make quite a statement – all of our neighbours agree. We would highly recommend your company.

Marie and Phyllis

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